Company “Art music production” popularizes classical music, arranges concerts, festivals, promotes musicians, implements educational and authors’ projects. 

Our pages tell simple yet interesting stories about the captivating world of classical music filled with passion, pain, frustration and success.

If you don’t like classical music, there’s every likelihood you were just told boring things about it. 

our projects

Masterpieces of Russian Romanticism Masterpieces by P.I. Tchaikovsky and S.V. Rachmaninov performed by a piano trio (S. Moroz, R. Komachkov, P. Osetinskaya, O. Popova)

Reflection Chamber music concert (S. Moroz, R. Komachkov, A. Goribol)

Bach’s Riddles. Concert-lecture. “Goldberg Variations” performed by a string trio (Y. Igonina, M. Murtuzalieva, R. Komachkov)

Alexandria Songs Musical and poetic performance by actress Irina Grineva

Angel Dance Masterpieces of Piazzolla and Bolling (Y. Pokrovskaya, R. Komachkov, D. Popras, V. Egorov, A. Sokolov)

Sonata evening Chamber duet cello and piano (R. Komachkov and K. Emelyanov)